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Domačija Butul
Slowenien - Primorska / Küstengebiet

The tourist farm Butul in coastal area of Slovenia is a family-run business which organises culinary workshops and offers tasting menus and boutique caterings. The workshops on Mediterranean cuisine are designed for anyone from beginners to experienced chefs. Visitors can visit olive groves, vineyards, meadows, beehive and vegetable and Mediterranean herb garden. They produce wine, olive oil, jams, syrups and canned vegetables. They are all made of their crops. They add their herbs to wine, beer, cheeses and cosmetic products. The farm’s motto is: “Tradition is our mission”. They promote traditional Istrian dishes served in an innovative and modern way. They respect heritage and aim to offer their guests an authentic culinary experience. They always base their services and products on their own experience rather than “culinary experts”. Since they like to travel, they collect new knowledge related to culinary heritage from different countries and try to apply it at their farm. They agree with an idea that “right when we think that we know everything, that is when we start learning.”

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