2019 - Leon Millot Nordic

Léon Millot - PGI - Protected Georgraphical Indications - trocken - 0.75 l
Skærsøgaard Vin - Dänemark Jütland

Silber (89 PAR Punkte) Bewertungsbogen nach PAR
Internationaler PIWI Weinpreis 2021

Qualität:Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)
Alkohol in vol.%:12,10
Restzucker in g/l:0,90
Säure in g/l:6,00
Dekantieren/Lüften:2 hours
Ertrag in hl/ha:6,00
Extrakt (zuckerfrei) in g/l:0,99
Glas (ideales Verkostungsglas):Large glass
rel. Dichte / Öchsle:-8
Schwefel freie/ges. in mg/l:9/47
Trinktemperatur:18 °C
Prüf- / Losnummer:2019/21

The wine estate is located by the lake of Skærsø in Dons close to Kolding. Skærsøgaard is Denmark's first registered and licensed winery. Among the largest in Denmark with 5.5 Ha. 4 employees. Products: Red wine, White wine, Rosé, Sweet dessert wine and Sparkling wine each year since 2001. Furthermore, enriched wines, liqueur, grape- and fruit spirit, brandy, calva & Æbleau from own distillery. Denmark's most awarded winery. Stable quality: Skærøgaard’s sparkling wine "DON's" won the silver medal for the seventh year at the prestigious international competition for Champagnes, Effervescent du Monde. A demarcation for Protected Designation of Origin is in EU procedure and has been accepted by Denmark. Awards: Awarded 126 medals. 82 Danish medals and 44 international medals for the first 14 vintages, of which 25 times gold. "Winery of the year" for 2005, 2008, 2009, 2013 and 2015. Grapes: Blue grape varieties: Rondo, Leon Millot, Regent, Cabernet Cortis. White grape varieties: Orion, Madeleine Angevine, Zalas Pearl, Solaris Mission: Crafting price winning handmade wine. Utilizing the short but intensive Nordic summer, Skærsøgaard produces gold medal winning hand-crafted wines of all types with minimum intervention and using disease resisted spray-less grape types. Denmark is new - but already recognised -among wine producing nations, with the first vintage being 2001. Skærsøgaard is categorized as Regional Wines from Jutland (Protected Geographical Indication), offering quality wine experiences in conjunction with the renaissance of Nordic Food. A part of Skærsøgaard production is certified organic.